Muzikos kūrinys – jo ribos ir interpretacijos. Straipsnių ir pranešimų rinkinys / Musical work: boundaries and interpretations. Selected papers.  Sudarytoja Audronė Žiūraitytė. Vilnius: Lietuvos kompozitorių sąjunga, 2006. 301 p.
ISBN 9986-9069-5-4 

Selected papers from the 38th Baltic Musicological Conference (Vilnius, 2004) present the wide range of research possibilities open to musicologists. The articles are presented in English or German, with summaries in Lithuanian. Their sequencing was determined by the dedication to the centenary of the birth of the Lithuanian composer and music critic Vladas Jakubėnas, as well as the manner of other issues under discussion. Thus, the first chapter is devoted to V. Jakubėnas’ creative processes, the second to interpretations, the third to issues relating to musical perception, and the fourth looks at creative styles and the analysis of various techniques in use.

This book is dedicated to musicologists, art historians and those interest in the issues surrounding the phenomena of the work itself, and V. Jakubėnas creative processes.

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