Dvidešimtojo amžiaus muzika muzikologijos akiratyje. Pranešimų rinkinys / Music of the twentieth century within the horizons of musicology. Selected papers. Edited by Audronė Žiūraitytė and Karina Firkavičiūtė. Vilnius: Lithuanian Composers’ Union, 2001. 254 p.
ISBN 9986-885-04-3 

The conferences of the Baltic musicologists, that are organized by the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian musicologists, have deep traditions. This edition presents selected papers from the 35th conference „Baltic-German music relations – past, present and future“, held in Vilnius in 2001. It overwies the expanded geographical network of the participants of the conference, a trich variety of issues being analised as well as numerous methods of their solution. 

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